Unmediated Action


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no compromise
this Earth for all must not be jeopardized

the tactics of direct action range from education to obstruction
from civil disobedience to confrontation
born from an understanding
that institutions which benefit from exploitation
will not undermine themselves
or restrict their own capacity for world-crippling profit
unmediated action is the most reasonable approach
when laws exist to protect beneficiaries of ecological degradation
when protest and appeal fail to neutralize confirmed threats
to the natural environment we must share in good health
for any species' survival...

legal risks demand you know damn well what you're fighting for
no system or economy can outweigh a life
seek responsible decisions unlike the corporations
with diversity of tactics we're united against eco-holocaust

...or I guess you could just sign a couple more online petitions
you could even memorize the words to this punk song
and feel a cathartic sense that you are actively resisting
some death machine

or you could commit yourself to Earth Liberation
a commitment for each of us that takes unique form
growing reverence for life eclipses past apathies
collective energy governed by a radical love

when fear is the norm, love is radical

action executed with immaculate strategy
can dismantle industries
end ecocide


from Unmediated Action, released March 25, 2016




BOLTCUTTER Cincinnati, Ohio

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